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Huge decision

We are making a huge decision. Buying our first home in Sydney. Expensive move. We are quite nervous. If everything is smooth, we might exchange contract next week. What! That is fast and furious! A lot of things to think about buying first home. Especially when both of us are so inexperienced. Wish me luck!


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Happy Chinese New Year

I have taken a little break and went home to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year with my beloved family. It was a fantastic trip. I am really missing them now.

My father lost quite a bit of weight as he finally is doing some real work! Menoreh getah! haha.. i guess the  price increase of natural rubber is a good thing for our family. He is healthier now as he is doing more physical exercise by waking up early in the morning and getting up and down in the estate rubber tapping!

My mum is okay but she looks more tired than before. Must be all the work, driving my siblings around and pressure that she is having recently. I feel so bad for not being at her side, taking care of her.

My little sis and bro have grown up so much. Andy’s voice has changed! haha.. becoming a man now! Sin-er is my precious gal. She is a good gal but too smart and mature for her age. I wrote her a long letter in mandarin which I hope she will get the message and understand my love and care for her.

My little niece can finally address me accurately. She is cute but too clingy to her mum and too “ku bao”! haha.. Hope she will grow up to be a nice and sweet little girl!

Aboy and Lulu are as usual struggling with their training to become a formal teacher. These 2 teacher-in-training made me worried about the future of Malaysian chinese education! Hahah.. just kidding. Be passionate about your work, my dear sister and brother! Do not just敷衍过日子 =)

I wish all my friends who are reading this a very happy, healthy and prosperous Golden Rabbit year!



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Be Passionate

Be passionate about my life and everything that comes into my life is my new motto of the year! I want to be a person who is passionate about things I do.. about life.. say yes and be positive! I am regretful that I gave up my blogging.. I am going to pick up blogging again. I should not let my life passes by without making some notes about it given that I love to make notes so much! During study.. during work.. how about make notes about my life that I could review and reflect now and then? Love my life.. love my family.. love my work!

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A very cheesy event..

very very cheesy!

very very cheesy!

I love to eat cheese after coming to Australia.. maybe because I am surrounded by cheese.

Havarti or Cream Havarti (Fløde Havarti in Danish) is semi-soft Danish cow’s milk cheese.
Cheddar cheese is a relatively hard, pale-yellow to off-white, and sometimes sharp-tasting cheese originating in the English village of Cheddar, in Somerset.
Edam (Dutch Edammer) is a Dutch cheese that is traditionally sold as spheres with pale yellow interior and a coat of paraffin. Its Spanish name is queso de bola, literally “ball cheese.” It is named after the town of Edam in the province of North Holland,[1] where the cheese is coated for export and for tourist high season.
Babybel is a brand of cheese sold internationally. It began in 1865, with the founding of “Etablissements Jules Bel” in Orgelet, France. In 1947, the brand Bonbel was introduced. [1] This pressed cheese is easily recognizable thanks to its distinctive red wax. In 1977, the miniature Babybel version appeared as, Mini Babybel which is marketed as a uniquely natural and convenient snack. Manufactured by the French group Fromageries Bel, it is produced in Évron, in the northwest of France.

A common way of eating cheese is to cut them into small pieces and eat them with plain water crackers like this one:

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We had two weeks off for the last Christmas and we decided to drive all the way to Melbourne!!

It was a 10-day trip and we drove nearly3500km in 10 days from Sydney to Melbourne and back.

This was the route that we have taken:

Sydney to Melbourne and Back to Sydney

Sydney to Melbourne and Back to Sydney

A list of cities/towns that we have been

A list of cities/towns that we have been

And this is a list of towns/cities that we have been that we can still recall the name! 🙂

We are still processing all the photos. So, expect more photos to come..

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We are also provided a new phone in this company!! And we got a brand new Nokia 6120. It is a really classic mobile phone. Sleek, light, elegant-looking and not to forget, the powerful symbian OS. I totally love it! Btw, this is my second Nokia phone after the very first phone I used during my practical in year 2001.

nokia 6120

Key features
Conservative and elegant design
Impeccable construction
Symbian 9.2, S60 3rd Edition graphic upgrade and Feature Pack
Remarkable size and weight for a smartphone
2-megapixel camera without autofocus
Instant response of user interface
Brilliant QVGA display with reflexive surface
35 MB of internal memory, microSD card slot
Document viewer: Quickoffice and PDF
Bluetooth with A2DP support
Solid and robust body
MiniUSB connector
Very good keypad
Voice recorder with 60-minute limit

Main disadvantages
No Wi-Fi (with Wi-Fi this phone will be 100% perfect)
No “pencil” key
Susceptible to fingerprints (it is very true!!)
No indication of missed events after certain period of time
Navigation and operation keys not ergonomic enough

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