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This was the second time we visited Sydney Fish Market. The parking fee is AUD2 dollar for one hour and AUD7 dollar for 2 hours… is not even exponential!! So we rushed into the market.. bought our favourite oysters, some fish and chips and the handmade berries yogurt!

So many oysters…

Sumptous fish platter.. is about AUD10 for few pieces of fish and some “sotong” + chips..

It is always crowded.. A lot of people come here to enjoy fresh seafood..

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Another Wollongong Trip

Initially, we wanted to go to Lake Illawarra, near the city of Wollongong. But we didn’t manage to find our way there and decided to spend an afternoon in Wollongong city.

The name Wollongong is believed to mean “sound of the sea” in the local Aboriginal language, although other explanations have been offered, such as “great feast of fish”. It is a city near sea and also a great source of fish because the city is also a regional centre for the South Coast fishing industry.

We had some nice fish & chips in a cafe near the sea.  

haha.. only me in the photo because the fish and chips were already in my stomach..

The city was so quiet on the day we went.. because it was a Sunday and everything was closed..However, the weather was quite cool and we quite enjoyed walking in this small city that have little things to offer us.. (more…)

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Another scenic drive along the Bells Line of Road and it brought us to our first visit of Mount Tomah Botanic Garden. This is a cool climate garden as it is situated at an altitude of over 1000 metres in the northern Blue Mountain of NSW.

It was another sunny day but it was an enjoyable tour after all.. The entrance fee is AUD4.40 per adult.

We stopped by the road to have the “best meat pies” – as advertised.. it was quite nice.. but i m not sure whether it is the best:P

There was an exhibition about carnivorous insects in the garden. More photos after the jump.. (more…)

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It was an extremely sunny day when we went to Hunter Valley, which is reknown for its numerous vineyard! Went in to this Hunter Valley Gardens (not sure if i got the name right!) I almost pengsan (fainted) because of the enormous heat and sunshine! We didn’t enjoy Hunter Valley as much as we thought we would.. Probably we went to the place during the wrong season. We should go there during autumn or winter when the weather is more cooling..

Hunter Valley Gardens

This is the iconic photo of Hunter Valley Gardens..



More photos after the jump.. (more…)

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Our company is having a LifeStyle Challenge for us!! What is this LifeStyle Challenge about? Basically is a campaign to let us challenge ourselves to lead a better and healthier life!!

This is the starter pack we got!!


We got a skipping rope that can keep track of how many hops you skip and calories burnt. There is also a new pedometer (step-counter) to keep track of how many steps we walk every day!! My goal is to reduce 3 kg off my body and keep myself healthy and toned!!

We need to log down our daily calories intake and daily activities!! 

To reach my goal, I will join the lunch-hour exercise classes regularly and go jogging with Ethan more!! I would like to go play badminton also.. but it is a bit far from my place!!

I will also try to eat less.. and eat healthier (this is simpler than eat less!!)

🙂 Hopefully I can reach my goal by the end of 12 weeks!!!

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Saturday Party with Friends

I was invited to a BBQ party at my colleague, Sherylin’s place. She is a cheerful and fun-loving Canadian girl. The party was co-hosted by her new flat-mate-Daniel (a handsome guy from Sicily, Italy–> I found him looks a bit like my best friend, suchin’s fiance.

Anyway, I also know Daniel’s gf – Mel. A really pretty gal who look a whole lot like 邵美琪 and prettier!! 🙂 She made this fantastic dish – Spinach Dip!! A new dish that I learnt today!

Spinach Dip


  • 1 cup mayonnaise mayonnaise
  • 1 cup sour cream (for both of these ingredients I use low fat, it is really a personal choice)
  • 1 (8 ounce) can water chestnuts
  • 1 (1 1/2 ounce) package vegetable soup mix (I use Knorr)
  • 1 (10 ounce) package spinach


    1. Mix all the ingredients together the night before in a bowl and leave in the fridge.
    2. Either in a party bowl or a hollowed out round bread (sour dough, pumpernickel) scoop out the dip into it.
    3. Use the hollowed out bread by cutting into bite size or use with bread sticks or veggies.
  • Tastes really good and I googled it at home.. it is quite easy to make! I will try to make it next time!

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    Have been pretty busy with works recently!! Both me and Ethan!

    So a quick update on everything:

    – Work: Getting more and more adapted to the environment! Start to taste different kinds of beers during Thursday and Friday happy hour! Start to work on some database and datawarehouse thingy.

    – Also start to join lunch hour exercise class (did I mention that we have a well-equipped gym room downstair?)! I join the Step and ABT classes! Also try to find time to have an half-an-hour jogging as frequent as I can and lead a healthy life-style. The company will buy us some fruits every Monday and Wednesday! Cool huh!?

    – Traffic is getting heavier in Sydney as the school term restarts on 30 Jan. The normal 35-minute trip to company is extended to 45 minute. This morning it took me nearly one hour to reach the company as it was raining and traffic was extremely slow-moving! Anyway, I still prefer driving to taking train as the train station is just too far from the company!

    – Last saturday was Australian day. So the past Monday was a public holiday! We went to Newcastle, Port Stephens and Hunter Valley for a two-day trip! It was pretty nice! We even caught another firework show at Port Stephens!! Photos will be uploaded soon!

    – Chinese New Year is around the corner!! How I miss the cheerful atmosphere in Malaysia and Singapore now!! I miss going to Chinatown (niu che shui) to visit the crowded and lively night market! There is not much atmosphere here (as expected)! Anyway, we will be spending our first chinese new year in Australia away at the “surfers’ paradise”– Gold Coast!! Hopefully we will have another nice trip and a memorable first-ever-away-from-home chinese new year!

    – Photos are from a jogging trip at Cremorne Point! A jogging track beside the sea! A very nice jogging location! Photo of me… aged quite a lot since I came to Sydney as the sun here is really harsh!

    Cremorne Point 1



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