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A small setback

Didn’t buy the first house that we thought we like it and we actually made an offer for it..

Many reasons.. key one being the house is too old and the on-going maintenance cost is going to be high. Also it is too near to the main road.

We did spend some money to conduct a prepurchase house inspection. Small price to pay to avoid making bigger mistake. It was also a valuable experience to both of us who are newbie in property market. Now we have a solicitor that we can trust and rely on. We have a loan manager who is great, understanding and efficient.

..We will keep looking..

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The Big Short

“The ability of Wall Street traders to see themselves in their success and their management in their failure would later be echoed, when their firms, which disdained the need for government regulations in good times, insisted on being rescued by governement in bad times. Success was individual achievement; failure was a social problem.” – Michael Lewis in his book, “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine”.

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

I am no financial market expert. This book presents GFC2008 in plain English for a layman like me. After reading this book, I really feel for the people who have very little financial market knowledge like myself who had or have been impacted by GFC2008. It is hard or painful to see how the entire financial market could be manipulated and exploited to their own advantage by a small group of highly selfish and greedy human being. They were/are earning multi-million dollars every year while the average households struggle to see their ends met. I feel for those who were given false hope that they could afford a house of their own by being provided a loan that they could never pay back and eventually lost their home. I feel for those who bought unit trust from bankers who themselves could not even understand what kind of investments those unit trusts actually consisted of.

To me, it seems like the financial market is a big lie. Where are the regulations? I hope someone is still looking into the causes of GFC2008. Someone has to be pinpointed and take responsibilities. Some steps have to be taken to prevent this from happening again. Sometimes, pain could be so easily forgotten as long as I am not the one who suffered the pain.

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A Brand New Year!

One week has passed in 2011. I was so determined last Saturday (first day of 2011) that I would do this and I would do that. It is not even one week and I am already slacking 😛 How disappointing.

Work, must be work! I am too busy with work! What a convenient excuse! Today when I was having a jog with dearest hubby, we had a little game, named “新年新气象”! I am not too sure how to translate it accurately. Maybe we can call it “A brand new year”! The game went like this. We each take turn to tell what we have done differently this year or we could also make a new year resolution! I know, we play silly game! But it was really fun and it reminded me that I should treat my new year resolutions seriously and put them into action. Otherwise, why bother making resolutions at all?

Let’s see what I have done differently in the past week?
(+) I have jogged 2 times.
(+) I have finished reading a book.
(+) I have cooked 3 times this week.
(+) I did my make-up twice this week.
(+) I sort-of stick to my daily face cleansing routine (I usually forget to do it in the past).
(-) Still biting my nail!
(-) Didn’t blog or post any journal until today!
(-) Called home only once.
(-) Almost going into a heated discussions with colleague once.
(+) Positive feedback from someone I am working with 🙂
(+) Told hubby a joke today and made him laugh.
(-/+) Gain some weight – must be the nice Peruvian cuisine we had on Wednesday during team dinner. It was such a nice dinner. Thanks to the project we are working on to pay for our dinner 😛

It is fun, isn’t it? Life is made up from small details. I think I should pay more attention to these details. That will make a difference, wouldn’t it?

Sharing a beautiful Harbour Bridge view at Balls Head point, where we saw today during our jogging.

Sunset - Sydney Harbour Bridge

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This is the second xmas in Land of Oz for me. The first xmas was good for me as I got my first job offer here. The second xmas is good too as I finally got a pay rise. Not huge but encouraging.

Yesterday was our company Xmas party. It was held in the trendiest pub – Establishment in Sydney CBD. It was really fun. A lot of alcohol (as you can expect), food, dance music, people, and dance moves. I have danced but did not drink.. I really like the time to dance my heart out as it is really a good way to relax and relieve my tension over the past few weeks.

The theme of the xmas party was Light, Camera & Action. So the dress code was naturally Glamorous, Fabulous, or In a character. It was fun to see them really dress up and into a character. There was a guy who came as Princess Leila!! Yes, he looked really funny.

He looked exactly like this photo! Funny, isn’t it?

There were Shrek, a number of Jokers, a Batman, few Wonder Women, Sailor Moon, Marilyn Monroe, King Kong Girl, King Kong himself, etc.

I wore a little black dress with bright blue cardigan. Normal and simple.. (more…)

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New Heater

As weather is getting colder by days, we bought this new heater..

It could make flame effect 🙂 beautifuL!

New Heater

New Heater

And also our dinner.. prepared carbonara spaghetti with yummy campbells mushroom soup + lotsa green leaves (rocket salad mix)..
Carbonara Spaghetti

Carbonara Spaghetti

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