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We took her out for the first long-distance drive on the Christmas day, along the famous tourist drive- Bells Line of Road. The driving was smooth and we enjoyed the ride very much. We did miss a turn and lost our way near Blacktown. But luckily we found our way after we asked for directions at a petrol station. We definitely need a street directory or a GPS system?!! Currently, we are using specific road-map printed from Google Maps everytime we need to go to some specific places. So if we miss a turn or took a wrong turn, we will have troubles getting back to the right direction. Although we have lost our directions many times in Sydney, we still managed to find our way back home or reach the destination eventually!! Friends, isn’t this just like our life? We may make a decision that we feel is wrong or may not be the most optimal one, we will be fine eventually!!  

As for Bells Line of Road, the area is famous for its apples, fruit stalls, vast panoramas, stunning views of the rugged Grose Valley, bushwalks, galleries, craft and antique shops.

On our right we could see the entrance to the start of Pierce’s Pass. The views of the Grose Gorge from the top here are incredible. Pierce’s Pass leads to the Grose River and eventually to the Blue Gum Forest.

Panoramic views near Kurrajong Village

The Bells Line of Road’s most famous attraction is the amazing Mt Tomah Cold Climate Botanic Garden, but too bad it was not open on the day we went. We did take a few photos at entrance 😛


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Our Not-So-New New Car!

Continue from  here:

We made the offer and we asked the owner to give us the vehicle identification number (VIN) and engine number for a REVS check, an online check to make sure the vehicle is not stolen, or not in any financial issue, or not a write-off after being involved in accidents. Then we found out that the status of the car is listed as:

“Repairable Write-off but no financial interest involved.”

This means that the vehicle has been involved in the accident before but luckily no money is owed to the bank or other financial institution. While the seller sent the information to us, he did try to explain to us that the car was involved in a minor accident before where its bumper was changed. Mechanically it is fine. After further consideration, we decided to take the car anyway.

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes our not-so-new car, a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Coupe CEII GLI!! 

We totally love it! It looks new and feels new!! Driving-wise, it is smooth and perfect! Although the engine is a bit small (1.5cc), it is good enough for us and more fuel-saving. Most importantly, it is a mitsubishi lancer! Though it is not the All New Lancer or an Evolution (which Ethan likes very much), at least she is a not-so-close relative!

From the front:


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First Week of New Job

It was a busy week for me.

I started my job on last wednesday. Waking up early, reaching home at about 7.30pm. Cook dinner, have dinner, wash dishes, watch a bit of tv, feeling tired and go to bed.. I have not much time to blog or do other things. We are not allowed to use Internet in the company for personal use. No webmails or blogging in company. The company also have a special policy: No EARPHONE! No one can use earphone to listen to music while they work! This is quite unusual in IT company as most programmers like to be immersed in their beloved music while coding (correct me if I am wrong!).


We have a canteen that provides cheaper food but I still prefer to bring my own lunchbox. We got a little pub providing free beers/soft drinks for employees on every Thursday and Friday evening. We have a gym room which is quite complete (though I have never used it before). Overall, I am slowly settling in and I hope I will do well in this job.

The toughest part is still transportation. (more…)

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I got the job!

Yeah, I was offered the job.

I accepted the offer and will start working next Wednesday!!

The workplace is really far and less convenient. So, we are thinking of buying a used car.

It is no easy process!! We start looking at used cars advertised by private sellers online using the following few websites:



There are a lot of websites out there. We are quite inexperience in buying used cars! So doing a quick research using Google leads me to the following useful article that gives us some tips on how to inspect a car before buying it. We also found a guide of buying privately in Australia to avoid any potential legal problem afterwards.

We also need to factor in extra costs apart from the car price like:

1. The Registration Transfer Fee – this is currently $24 in New South Wales.

2. Stamp Duty – typical payments are shown below (more…)

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