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Tired but worthwhile

Another release down.. this is probably my third major Siebel release.. Let me count.. the first one was Last May – CSP for LNA, then LNWFAM release in Aug and the Feb release (smaller scale) and this one the Siebel 8.1 upgrade release over the 5-days Easter holiday. As predicted, the release was full of challenges. It was tough but we got through it 😉

We have a number of memorable moments where the challenges set us 9 hours behind schedule. Then the unexpectedly smooth database extracts made up all the lost hours and we finished dead on time! Wow..

You might not know what I am talking about but it doesn’t matter. I just want to write these down before I forget them. I want to reflect and give myself a pat on my shoulder. Hey yun, you have done well 🙂

What could I do better?

Hmm.. more preparation. Make sure I got all the facts right. The correct IP address and password!

Dry run dry run dry run.. make sure our dry run is as realistic as possible.

Prepare for unpredictable events like who is going to come in if we had challenges that set us back in schedule. One person could not be possible go on without sleep for more than 36 hours right?

Testing is so important.. cover every aspects of the application, different type of authentication methods. Do not get trapped again, yun!

But hey.. we have done well … we have achieved what we said we want to achieve.. that’s so important! A big thank you to the entire team.. I am so so so happy!

Probably I should buy myself a nice pair of shoes or another bag as reward.. hehe.. let me think..

How about a well-structured satchel.. woo.. this is so nice:

Or… I don’t mind this one also:

This is absolutely amazing:

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Our company is having a LifeStyle Challenge for us!! What is this LifeStyle Challenge about? Basically is a campaign to let us challenge ourselves to lead a better and healthier life!!

This is the starter pack we got!!


We got a skipping rope that can keep track of how many hops you skip and calories burnt. There is also a new pedometer (step-counter) to keep track of how many steps we walk every day!! My goal is to reduce 3 kg off my body and keep myself healthy and toned!!

We need to log down our daily calories intake and daily activities!! 

To reach my goal, I will join the lunch-hour exercise classes regularly and go jogging with Ethan more!! I would like to go play badminton also.. but it is a bit far from my place!!

I will also try to eat less.. and eat healthier (this is simpler than eat less!!)

🙂 Hopefully I can reach my goal by the end of 12 weeks!!!

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Driving to work

Since we bought the car, I start to drive to work. My travel time to company has been shortened from 1.5 hours to 35 minutes. I have identified three different routes to travel to the company.  However, I only tried two out of these three routes. I use one route to go to company and another one to return home. This is because I have to avoid taking Harbour Bridge to go to company as I will be charge AUD3 to cross the bridge from north to south! But when going from south to north via Harbour Bridge, it is toll-free! Weird huh!?

Anyway, Route 1 consists of smaller, much more hilly, bumpy and winding roads with a lot of traffic lights. It took me 35-40 minutes in the early morning to reach my company which is about 22km away. For Route 2 which I take daily to go home, most of them are big roads with less traffic lights, much smoother and less hilly. Route 2 is slightly longer which is 24km. There is also Route 3 which I have yet to try out (probably tomorrow :P)

So I have to travel about 50km daily! That is a big burden on petrol cost!! In Australia, it is interesting to add fuel to your vehicle! Why would I say that? It is very different from Malaysia where most petrol stations sell fuel at fixed price. We have to shop around to find cheapest fuel as different petrol station will sell their fuel at different rate.

And this is not the end of fun. The rate changes daily!! Some say Tuesday is the cheapest to refill your fuel!! Some say weekends are the most expensive!! Isn’t that fun? Like shopping for FUEL!?? And this is REALLY true. So it is best to refill on TUESDAY!! I must remember that and time my fuel usage properly! I have already found the cheapest petrol station around my area, which is CALTEX on Falcon street! It is also wise to collect some supermarket receipts (woolworth, coles) where they give discount of 4c per litre. I used this discount once. For 40 dollars of fuel, I saved about AUD1.20! Not too bad ya! Saving 1 cent is 1 cent! hahaa..I am quickly becoming calculative housewife!


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New Company Laptop

We are provided with a new laptop when we first join the company.

This is the laptop I am currently using in company:

Compaq 6910p by HP – It is fast, light, slim, and almost equipped with all the functions you need and you can think of!

hp compaq6910p

The specs of my new laptop include:


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