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A small setback

Didn’t buy the first house that we thought we like it and we actually made an offer for it..

Many reasons.. key one being the house is too old and the on-going maintenance cost is going to be high. Also it is too near to the main road.

We did spend some money to conduct a prepurchase house inspection. Small price to pay to avoid making bigger mistake. It was also a valuable experience to both of us who are newbie in property market. Now we have a solicitor that we can trust and rely on. We have a loan manager who is great, understanding and efficient.

..We will keep looking..

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Huge decision

We are making a huge decision. Buying our first home in Sydney. Expensive move. We are quite nervous. If everything is smooth, we might exchange contract next week. What! That is fast and furious! A lot of things to think about buying first home. Especially when both of us are so inexperienced. Wish me luck!


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