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Tired but worthwhile

Another release down.. this is probably my third major Siebel release.. Let me count.. the first one was Last May – CSP for LNA, then LNWFAM release in Aug and the Feb release (smaller scale) and this one the Siebel 8.1 upgrade release over the 5-days Easter holiday. As predicted, the release was full of challenges. It was tough but we got through it 😉

We have a number of memorable moments where the challenges set us 9 hours behind schedule. Then the unexpectedly smooth database extracts made up all the lost hours and we finished dead on time! Wow..

You might not know what I am talking about but it doesn’t matter. I just want to write these down before I forget them. I want to reflect and give myself a pat on my shoulder. Hey yun, you have done well 🙂

What could I do better?

Hmm.. more preparation. Make sure I got all the facts right. The correct IP address and password!

Dry run dry run dry run.. make sure our dry run is as realistic as possible.

Prepare for unpredictable events like who is going to come in if we had challenges that set us back in schedule. One person could not be possible go on without sleep for more than 36 hours right?

Testing is so important.. cover every aspects of the application, different type of authentication methods. Do not get trapped again, yun!

But hey.. we have done well … we have achieved what we said we want to achieve.. that’s so important! A big thank you to the entire team.. I am so so so happy!

Probably I should buy myself a nice pair of shoes or another bag as reward.. hehe.. let me think..

How about a well-structured satchel.. woo.. this is so nice:

Or… I don’t mind this one also:

This is absolutely amazing:

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