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The Big Short

“The ability of Wall Street traders to see themselves in their success and their management in their failure would later be echoed, when their firms, which disdained the need for government regulations in good times, insisted on being rescued by governement in bad times. Success was individual achievement; failure was a social problem.” – Michael Lewis in his book, “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine”.

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

I am no financial market expert. This book presents GFC2008 in plain English for a layman like me. After reading this book, I really feel for the people who have very little financial market knowledge like myself who had or have been impacted by GFC2008. It is hard or painful to see how the entire financial market could be manipulated and exploited to their own advantage by a small group of highly selfish and greedy human being. They were/are earning multi-million dollars every year while the average households struggle to see their ends met. I feel for those who were given false hope that they could afford a house of their own by being provided a loan that they could never pay back and eventually lost their home. I feel for those who bought unit trust from bankers who themselves could not even understand what kind of investments those unit trusts actually consisted of.

To me, it seems like the financial market is a big lie. Where are the regulations? I hope someone is still looking into the causes of GFC2008. Someone has to be pinpointed and take responsibilities. Some steps have to be taken to prevent this from happening again. Sometimes, pain could be so easily forgotten as long as I am not the one who suffered the pain.

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Happy Chinese New Year

I have taken a little break and went home to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year with my beloved family. It was a fantastic trip. I am really missing them now.

My father lost quite a bit of weight as he finally is doing some real work! Menoreh getah! haha.. i guess the  price increase of natural rubber is a good thing for our family. He is healthier now as he is doing more physical exercise by waking up early in the morning and getting up and down in the estate rubber tapping!

My mum is okay but she looks more tired than before. Must be all the work, driving my siblings around and pressure that she is having recently. I feel so bad for not being at her side, taking care of her.

My little sis and bro have grown up so much. Andy’s voice has changed! haha.. becoming a man now! Sin-er is my precious gal. She is a good gal but too smart and mature for her age. I wrote her a long letter in mandarin which I hope she will get the message and understand my love and care for her.

My little niece can finally address me accurately. She is cute but too clingy to her mum and too “ku bao”! haha.. Hope she will grow up to be a nice and sweet little girl!

Aboy and Lulu are as usual struggling with their training to become a formal teacher. These 2 teacher-in-training made me worried about the future of Malaysian chinese education! Hahah.. just kidding. Be passionate about your work, my dear sister and brother! Do not just敷衍过日子 =)

I wish all my friends who are reading this a very happy, healthy and prosperous Golden Rabbit year!



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