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A Brand New Year!

One week has passed in 2011. I was so determined last Saturday (first day of 2011) that I would do this and I would do that. It is not even one week and I am already slacking 😛 How disappointing.

Work, must be work! I am too busy with work! What a convenient excuse! Today when I was having a jog with dearest hubby, we had a little game, named “新年新气象”! I am not too sure how to translate it accurately. Maybe we can call it “A brand new year”! The game went like this. We each take turn to tell what we have done differently this year or we could also make a new year resolution! I know, we play silly game! But it was really fun and it reminded me that I should treat my new year resolutions seriously and put them into action. Otherwise, why bother making resolutions at all?

Let’s see what I have done differently in the past week?
(+) I have jogged 2 times.
(+) I have finished reading a book.
(+) I have cooked 3 times this week.
(+) I did my make-up twice this week.
(+) I sort-of stick to my daily face cleansing routine (I usually forget to do it in the past).
(-) Still biting my nail!
(-) Didn’t blog or post any journal until today!
(-) Called home only once.
(-) Almost going into a heated discussions with colleague once.
(+) Positive feedback from someone I am working with 🙂
(+) Told hubby a joke today and made him laugh.
(-/+) Gain some weight – must be the nice Peruvian cuisine we had on Wednesday during team dinner. It was such a nice dinner. Thanks to the project we are working on to pay for our dinner 😛

It is fun, isn’t it? Life is made up from small details. I think I should pay more attention to these details. That will make a difference, wouldn’t it?

Sharing a beautiful Harbour Bridge view at Balls Head point, where we saw today during our jogging.

Sunset - Sydney Harbour Bridge

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