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A very cheesy event..

very very cheesy!

very very cheesy!

I love to eat cheese after coming to Australia.. maybe because I am surrounded by cheese.

Havarti or Cream Havarti (Fløde Havarti in Danish) is semi-soft Danish cow’s milk cheese.
Cheddar cheese is a relatively hard, pale-yellow to off-white, and sometimes sharp-tasting cheese originating in the English village of Cheddar, in Somerset.
Edam (Dutch Edammer) is a Dutch cheese that is traditionally sold as spheres with pale yellow interior and a coat of paraffin. Its Spanish name is queso de bola, literally “ball cheese.” It is named after the town of Edam in the province of North Holland,[1] where the cheese is coated for export and for tourist high season.
Babybel is a brand of cheese sold internationally. It began in 1865, with the founding of “Etablissements Jules Bel” in Orgelet, France. In 1947, the brand Bonbel was introduced. [1] This pressed cheese is easily recognizable thanks to its distinctive red wax. In 1977, the miniature Babybel version appeared as, Mini Babybel which is marketed as a uniquely natural and convenient snack. Manufactured by the French group Fromageries Bel, it is produced in Évron, in the northwest of France.

A common way of eating cheese is to cut them into small pieces and eat them with plain water crackers like this one:

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