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Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands, ninety minutes from Sydney, includes the larger towns of Mittagong, Bowral and Moss Vale. Smaller villages such as Berrima, Exeter, Bundanoon and Robertson offer unique attractions, shopping and eateries. A number of vineyards in the region, now have cellar door sales and the wine trail is a major attraction. In spring people come from all over the world to enjoy Tulip Time and the many private gardens open to the public. At the edge of the shire is the Morton National Park with excellent facilities at Fitzroy Falls .

Southern Highlands also include Goulburn, which is on the far side of the Southern Highlands, is Australia first inland city and today has a wonderful wide main street and boasts many preserved colonial buildings.

We visited Southern Highlands during a sunny Sunday. We managed to have a short visit to Mittagong, Bowral and Fitzroy Falls. The place is really wonderful. Relaxing atmosphere, beautiful landscape..

Autumn shows his color through the trees..

A small church in Bowral.


Fitzroy Falls.. magnificent, isn’t it?


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Nepean Dam

Let the photos do the talking..


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This was the second time we visited Sydney Fish Market. The parking fee is AUD2 dollar for one hour and AUD7 dollar for 2 hours… is not even exponential!! So we rushed into the market.. bought our favourite oysters, some fish and chips and the handmade berries yogurt!

So many oysters…

Sumptous fish platter.. is about AUD10 for few pieces of fish and some “sotong” + chips..

It is always crowded.. A lot of people come here to enjoy fresh seafood..

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Another Wollongong Trip

Initially, we wanted to go to Lake Illawarra, near the city of Wollongong. But we didn’t manage to find our way there and decided to spend an afternoon in Wollongong city.

The name Wollongong is believed to mean “sound of the sea” in the local Aboriginal language, although other explanations have been offered, such as “great feast of fish”. It is a city near sea and also a great source of fish because the city is also a regional centre for the South Coast fishing industry.

We had some nice fish & chips in a cafe near the sea.  

haha.. only me in the photo because the fish and chips were already in my stomach..

The city was so quiet on the day we went.. because it was a Sunday and everything was closed..However, the weather was quite cool and we quite enjoyed walking in this small city that have little things to offer us.. (more…)

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Autumn is here..

Beautiful autumn, isn’t it?

When my friends in UK are welcoming spring and sunshine, I am surrounded by yellowish leaves.. I usher in my first Autumn in Australia. It is awesome scenaries for me.. the leafless tree, the yellowish leaves, the fallen leaves… 

The weather is also getting colder by days.. It had been raining continously for last 2 weeks. and finally the rain halted on Monday this week..

Sitting in my living room without a heater (it is 13 degrees celcius now), I am feeling a little bit weird.. One of my colleagues left for UK (she is from UK and spent her last 8 years here in Australia)..She bought a house here.. got a car here.. but in the end she chose to return to UK.. of couse I don’t know her real reason for leaving.. but this makes me ponder..Am I going to be here for long? How long would it be?

Anyway, I try to not to care or be bothered about this.. I should enjoy my life here, shouldn’t I?


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It has been long

Yeah.. I know I’ve gone missing for long time..

For those that wonder where I was all the while, I am still living and kicking in Sydney. The fact is some changes in my lifestyle.. My life is now with: (more…)

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