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This was the first Saturday in Sydney!

The weather was a bit at the cold side. Our main task today was house-searching. So we went online to look for possible places for our future stay.. The most well-known website to search for a rented place in Australia is domain.com.au


These photos were taken on our way to CH’s office and on our way back.

14.jpg 16.jpg 151.jpg

17.jpg 19.jpg 18.jpg


The area we are in is known as North Sydney. It is very near to city area (just need to cross the harbour bridge) but it is less crowded and less busy than Sydney CBD (Central Business District).




So many flowers around me. I guess it is because of the SPRING! They are so beautiful and some of them, I have never seen before..




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12 October 2007 Second day

The second day in Sydney! Ethan had to start his work. So I accompanied him to Berry St where his company is located. Then I took a walk back to hotel then the only thing I could do was to watch TV as I had to wait for him to come back during noon time to move our stuff to the temporary apartment on Brook St. At about 2pm, we finally moved in to our temp place in Sydney for 20 days for a really high rental rate (750 per week) That is crazy but the place is so cozy, complete as a house, fully furnished, clean, quiet and secure. I really like the place but too bad the rental is out of our affordability. Otherwise, we would really like to continue to stay in this place.

04.jpg 061.jpg 09.jpg

07.jpg 081.jpg 05.jpg

Co-incidentally, Ethan previous course-mate in NUS also works for the same company. He just arrived in Sydney about 3 weeks ago!! The first tip he gave us was to immediately start our house-searching as the property market in Sydney is very hot now. So my next task was to view houses. In Sydney, we have to submit an application if we are interested to rent a place. So first, we have to view the place, and then submit application with some “references” to prove that we can afford to rent it. After that we have to wait for the owner to “approve” the application. Normally a good place with good price will attract a lot of applications and therefore harder to get. And bear in mind, the rental is not cheap!!! Around 1k AUD per month or even higher! So apart from house-searching, my another newly-developed interest is food-making or more-commonly known as COOKING!! Look at me!! I am a 100% housewife now! Ouch!!!



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The next morning (11 Oct 2007), we landed on Sydney. The landing was almost perfect (another perfect landing that I have experienced other than the one that I experienced on Thai Airways few years ago). Sydney welcomed us with a sunny, clear morning sky! After a rather smooth but lengthy custom examination, we finally ARRIVED in Sydney! Immediately we took a cab from airport to Hotel Sovereign in Crows Nest where we would spend the first night in Sydney. This is a picture of the stunning view from our hotel.


We were both pretty tired that we took a “long” nap. Then we took a walk in the area nearby. The hotel is very close to Ethan’s company and also the temporary accommodation that we would stay for 20 days. So the first suburb we got to know in Sydney is Crows Nest. And guess, what was our first meal in Sydney? We had Indian food!! Curry chicken, eggplant and pumpkin with rice! Very yummy for around 9 AUD.


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10 October 2007

My parents together with sinyee and andy arrived in Singapore early morning about 7am to send us to airport!! It was so early that I was still in bed at that time. But luckily they were early because there was still so much to pack and clean up in my place in Singapore! Our flight was on 1.40pm via Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA). This was the first time we drove to Singapore Changi Airport (we normally take train or cab to airport). It is undeniably one of the best airports in the world~~ they even prepare a scale for travelers to weight and repack their luggage! At the counter of RBA, we were told that we were allowed to bring 25 kg of luggage instead of 20 kg!! Hooray!! We were overjoyed J because we really got a lot of things to bring to Australia. Prior to this, we packed most of our heavy stuff into hand carry luggage (shhshhiii…) in order to avoid having to pay exuberant excess baggage charges. Then we were told we had an extra 10kgs!! We moved some of our stuff into check-in luggage so that we did not have to “hand-carry” them and also added some extra necessary stuff into our luggage such as some of my skin-care products, contact lens solution and cosmetics which were removed from my luggage earlier on due to overweight! After a satisfying lunch at Burger King with my family and Ethan, it was time to enter the gate and fare goodbye with my family! This was the first time for me to leave home for a place that is farther than a 3-hour-drive!! It is not reachable by car!! It is so far!! It is across the ocean!! It is another continent!! Ouch…



As expected, the RBA provided very little on-flight entertainment for both flights we took (from Singapore to Brunei and from Brunei to Sydney). So we spent most of our time sleeping in flight apart from eating! However, the food was pretty nice and sufficient (contradicting to some of the comments we saw online prior to flying with RBA) while the cabin staff were quite friendly. We were pretty satisfied with RBA in view of the airfare we paid (sgd 600++ per person)!! It is really value for money!


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Arrived in Sydney

Arrived in sydney on 11 Oct 2007 (thursday). The weather was sunny with occasional cold breeze.. very comfortable!

No Internet connection so I can only write briefly here in Internet cafe.. will update again when I got the chance!

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It all started when…

My fiance was offered a job as Geotechnical Engineer in Sydney, Australia in June 2007..

Then the preparation for the big move was triggered..

We applied for visa subclass 457 in mid July and were granted the visa on 28 September 2007!!

Immediately, we booked the one-way air ticket to Sydney via Royal Brunei Airlines (sgd680 each), departing from Singapore on 10 October.

We will be arriving in Sydney on 11 October and start our new life there..

This will be a blog to record how our everday life there goes..


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Hello world!

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